Year: 2012

By Tan Wee Lit

Material : Vinyl Print on Glass Shaft

Location : Haw Par Villa Circle Line Station (CC25)

Duration : Permanent

Collection : Land Transport Authority

Dimensions : 1.5m x 0.55m

Consisting of various iconic landmarks of the West, the work presents these distinct features in the tradition of a paper-cut that aims to re-capture the tranquillity of a past longed for. The omnipresent construction machinery juxtaposed against the serenity in composition represents their naturalized integration into our everyday environment and the integral role they play in social progress and urban development. Literally the “shakers and movers”, these machines are the modern symbols that epitomize the necessary evil of creation and destruction, birth and death. As erosion and reclamation of both our land and values occur- what do we want to keep?


Haw Par Villa Circle Line Station (CC25)

25 West Coast Highway, Singapore 117863

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